Types of String for Jewelry Making

String material for jewelry and craft projects can range from a simple piece of nylon to a high-end piece of silk. They many different types of string material will ensure there is something for every project, but this can make it a little confusing to choose the right one. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular string options for jewelry making:


Nylon is a highly versatile option that is practical for many different jewelry designs. It is a reliable option in woven bracelets and a useful choice for most general string related situations. Nylon string is split into several different categories. One of the popular types is the Chinese knotting cord which is a type of braided nylon. This nylon is very strong and easily able to maintain its shape. Also, the KO beading thread is abrasion resistant, strong and easy to secure the ends tightly.


Cotton cord is a useful option for projects that can benefit from a distinctive look. This type of string material is created by combining several woven threads and applying a coating of wax to help minimize issues with fraying. It is great for stringing beads with a threaded hole in the region of 1 to 2 mm in thickness. Once the coating of wax is applied, the string is very clean and durable.


Elastic cord is a useful option for making jewelry that needs a certain degree of flexibility, such as the stretchy bracelets. The elastic nature of this string makes the jewelry very easy to remove. Once the jewelry beads are placed on the elastic, it is relatively easy to secure using a basic surgeon’s knot or similar. Also, for extra strength, the knot can easily be finished with a few drops of elastic friendly glue.

Polyethylene fiber

The use of polyethylene fiber is the right choice for pieces of jewelry that need a lot of strength. This material has the ability to give great all-round strength and is very easy to tie at the end of a project. It is a practical option for holding beads that aren’t smooth.

Polyester cord

Polyester cord is a very strong and easy to use option for the macramé and shamballa jewelry designs. It is a useful choice when working with beads that have a large thread hole. The string is very dependable and will not lose its shape or shrink when it comes into contact with moisture.

Alternative Uses For Beads For Jewelry Making

There a loads and loads of websites which offer inexpensive beads for jewelry making, and more and more people have started to buy these beads to use in their own projects. The reason that they have become so popular is because they are inexpensive to buy, but they are great quality. Thanks to the global recession, more and more people are buying supplies such as these to allow them to complete “do it yourself” projects. Although these supplies are often labeled as “beads for jewelry making”, their uses are not only limited to use in jewelry projects. There are actually a lot of different projects which you can choose to do if you find yourself with a surplus of these beads.


It is possible to jazz up simple clothing using beads for jewelry making. Thread smooth or faceted beads onto dresses, tops or skirts to help to add a little extra sparkle to a plain item of clothing. Adding your own beading will help you to ensure that you have a completely unique look. If you do decide to adapt your clothing like this, you should be careful when you are washing them, because you may have to avoid really hot washes or aggressive spin techniques.

Home decorations

You can use beads for jewelry making in a variety of interior decoration projects, such as lampshades, cushions and beaded curtains. Beading can make up the majority of the piece, or beads can be used to add beautiful details to items which are already nearly finished. There are a lot of different colors, shapes and styles of bead available to purchase, so it if highly likely that you will be able to find beads that fit in with your style of interior design. If you have children, it may be best to avoid using beads in areas where they may be able to pull the beads off or where they may end up putting the beads in their mouths.

Wedding decorations

It is estimated that most weddings now cost over $30000 dollars, including the dress, rings, venue hire, flowers and photographer. If you want to cut the cost of decorating your wedding venue, you can use beads for jewelry making for a lot of your different homemade decoration pieces. Instead of shelling out for items which are covered in cut glass or semi-precious gemstones, use beads. Most guests will not notice the difference, but you will save yourself a fortune on the cost of decorations.

Game pieces

A lot of board games use tiny, fiddly pieces or score counters which can go missing really easily. If you find that any of your board games are missing important game pieces, you may be able to substitute beads for jewelry making in for use instead of these items. Although it may not quite look as good as it did on the day that you bought it, using beads as counters or playing pieces will allow you to continue to play the game without having to spend a fortune.