Ten Essential Jewelry Making Supplies

Creating your own necklaces, bracelets, anklets and earrings is a great craft and not to mention it can be a very good source of income too if you choose to sell them. But, it is essential to keep in mind that jewelry designing is not easy. While it is not that important to get enrolled in jewelry designing courses if you are looking to get into this business, it is important to be familiar with the different jewelry making supplies and how to use them. Different jewelry making supplies serve different functions and if you know how to use them in the right way, it will be much easier for you to craft your own jewelry right at home.

No matter what level of jewelry designing skill you have, there are some supplies which are essential for beginners as well as advanced jewelry makers. Here’s a look at the top ten essential jewelry making supplies.

Pliers – a pair of pliers is essential as it can help you make quick adjustments to a jewelry piece. They can also help you craft a jewelry item from the start to the finish. Pliers are very useful for wire-wrapping. They can be used for making or fixing broken jewelry.

Helping hands – when you are designing jewelry, you may sometimes wish that you had someone to help you out. Another pair of hand is at times essential and that is why buying helping hands is essential. This tool also has magnifying glasses and is useful when working with lots of jewelry pieces.

Needle files – once you have completed wire-wrapping for your jewelry, you will need needle files to file down the piece of wire so it can have a smooth edge.

Wire guards – these are also known as thimble guards and wire protectors. They are essential in jewelry making because they protect the wire from wearing out so that your jewelry piece lasts long.

Beading mat – this is also essential as it can help keep all of the beads in place. They are created in such a way that they will prevent the beads from rolling.

Bead reamer – you can alter the size of the bead holes with a bead reamer. You can either drill holes into beads to make the holes bigger using a bead reamer.

Nipper tool – another essential jewelry making supply that a designer needs is a nipper tool. This is basically a cutting tool with an angled blade that can be used to cut wire in between beads to get a tight, close cut.

Memory wire shears – these can be used to cut thicker wires and even plated chains.

Chain nose pliers – this is one of the must have tools in every jewelry designer’s toolbox. Chain nose pliers can be used for a variety of things including closing crimp covers, opening jump rings, making bends in wire, etc.

Tweezers – these are also essential when it comes to untangling bead work. Even if you want to undo your work, you can use a tweezer.

Jewelry Making – A Time Honored Tradition

Jewelry making is a time honored tradition, reaching back to as far as can be remembered. Everyone likes to be adorned with beautiful jewelry, regardless of social position or status. Some of the most stunning designs were not created by jewelers to royalty, but unknown or little known jewelry makers whose name time has forgotten. An example is the Hope Diamond. This wonderful, yet tragic piece of jewelry was created by a little known artist, yet the name of the Hope Diamond is forever etched into history and is immediately recognizable.

Working in precious metals, gems, beads and other jewelry materials, jewelry making has been honored and is sometimes passes from fathers to their sons and mothers to daughters. Famous names of jewelry makers such as Cartier have long been known for their wonderful pieces of jewelry, including one-of-a-kind items. Those that do this as a hobby sit at the opposite side of the equation thus also create wonderful pieces of jewelry for family, friends, or themselves. Artisans have been creating jewelry for centuries that please the senses while delighting the eyes. Where would we be if not for jewelry makers and creators?

Rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, tie tacks and other forms of jewelry are created in wonderful ways. Some use pre-set forms while others create the forms themselves. The variety of colors, styles, designs can make your head spin rather quickly. Everyone likes to look nice and without jewelry makers, these wonderful things simply would not exist. Price ranges will vary depending on the amount of time, design and materials that went into the jewelry creation by the specific jeweler or creator. These can range from a few dollars all the way up to millions of dollars in price.

Unless you are a jeweler, some items cannot simply be told as to whether or not they are the real thing. Jewelers or jewelry making can also be of the costume variety which looks very real, but is also very inexpensive. Items used in this type of jewelry making could be items such as CZ or manmade gems with different combinations of gold or silver plate. They are all just as important as the things that are real. Many people delight in costume jewelry and they do not have to worry about it being stolen or robbed from them. These wonderful creations can fool the eye while being completely beautiful.

If this interests you, why not try making some jewelry pieces yourself? Take a course or two or perhaps teach yourself the art. Some jewelry kits are also available that can help you turn stones, beads and metal into a very pleasing yet unique piece of jewelry. You would be following in a very time honored tradition no matter if you do it for fun or for profit. It can be very rewarding to make a piece of jewelry that everyone comments on and loves. It can also be very fulfilling to embark on a career path of being a jewelry maker. So there is a lot of respect for jewelry making.