The History Of Jewelry Making

Jewelry has been around from a very long time. It has been around from the time people started making clothes. It is believed that the first pieces of jewelry may have been made to help the wearer keep the clothes on. But, over time, these things started being used as decorations. Today, you can see many different designs of jewelry available. You may have noticed that different cultures have different designs, different methods of making jewelry and different tools, all of which have developed over the years.

Let us look at the beginning of jewelry making:

During the earlier days, people used materials which were easily available to make jewelry. The items that people had access to in those days were carved stones, shells, teeth, carved wood and other items that are usually found in nature. People used twine to string these items. Twine is made of sinew from animal tendons or plant materials. In different cultures, people wore these items differently. Some wore them as necklaces, while others wore them as headbands and bracelets. There are also some people who used these items to decorate their ears and nose. But, how this was done varied from place to place, tribe to tribe and region to region.

Use Of Metals

It was during the 17th century when people started using copper in jewelry making. Other metals such as silver and gold were used later on. By 1000BCE, a large number of options were available in terms of metals used in making jewelry.

Use of Gemstones

Later on, semi precious as well as precious gemstones started being used to set into metals to make jewelry. Gemstones were often used to symbolize wealth and power. But, the way they were used and the meaning it had depended on the different cultures.

Use of Beads

Over a period of time, beads started being used in jewelry making. In those days, beads were mostly made from natural materials and some were also crafted from glass. With the use of beads, many cultures started developing a variety of jewelry and they also came up with numerous jewelry making techniques.

Jewelry Making Today

These days, jewelry is made by many different people using many different techniques. There are also handcrafted jewelry and those which are mass produced in factories. Jewelry making today involves a wide range of equipments and general laborers. Jewelry which is made in factories usually cost less. Most people make jewelry at home too. Hand made jewelry is a bit expensive. Today jewelry is made from a wide variety of materials such as gold, silver, platinum, copper, titanium, etc.