Tips On How To Organize Beads For Jewelry Making

Jewelry making is a fun hobby, and can even be profitable, but the beads for jewelry making can quickly become too much to handle. You can spend a lot of money trying to buy storage resolution for your beads for making of jewelry, or you could try using some of these storage tips.

Baby food jars-
Baby food jars make perfect storage containers for beads for jewelry making. Every town has several babies in it and most mothers would save the jars for you if you asked them to. You can post an advertisement on your Facebook page telling your friends about your need for these containers. Clean the containers thoroughly and remove the labels. You instantly have places for your beads, clasps, and other small making parts.

You can store the jars filled with beads for making of jewelry on shelves, and arrange them according to bead sizes, or bead colors, or bead types. You can use a screw and screw the lid that fits the jar to a board and then you will have created suspended storage jars. The jars are easy to pack along with you when you travel to a friend’s house for a jewelry making session.

Baby Wipe Containers
The plastic boxes that baby wipes come in are perfect for putting beads for jewelry making in. These boxes are great for larger beads, and they are not breakable like baby food jars are. The wipe containers will stack neatly on shelves and you can use a permanent marker to label them so that you easily know what types of beads are inside, what color beads are inside, and what size beads are inside. If you have a large amount of a particular bead this storage solution will help you keep them organized.

Snack Bags
Snack bags are small plastic storage bags that are sold in grocery stores. They are the perfect size to hold about 20 grapes, or enough cookies to make a good afternoon snack. These bags are not very expensive and they make a good storage solution for beads for jewelry making. The bags can easily be stored in a drawer, on a shelf, in a large tote bag, or in a plastic box. They are excellent if you travel with your jewelry making supplies because they are light weight and versatile.

Peanut Butter Jars
Peanut butter jars, the jars that come with mayonnaise in them, and all other jars can be thoroughly washed and then used to store, organize and assemble your jewelry making supplies.

Organizing the beads by size, color, materials, cost, and design, will allow you to quickly assemble the ones you want to use on a project. If you do not have to dig around to see what materials you have you will make more items, and have more fun doing so.

You will also spend less money if your beads for jewelry making are organized in containers. You will not be apt to buy duplicate beads if you have a way of quickly taking inventory of what you have.